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Welcome to the 3d-4d ultrasound blog. Our mission is to provide local residents in Queens and the rest of NYC with informative information about one o the latest and hottest trends. That's right married couple old and young alike have been buzzing about 3d & 4d ultrasounds. They are usually done in a very relaxing and private setting which makes it a very special experience. Ultrasounds at the doctors office are very overwhelming and are not very recreational at all. In addition the quality is nowhere near as good as it is by a professional 3d-4d ultrasound provider. The images that are produced of the baby are fabulous memories that will last you a lifetime. Stay tuned for the latest information that matters regarding these ultrasounds.

4D Ultrasounds: The Special Bonding Experience With Your Baby

For the longest time, doctors have been utilizing conventional 2D ultrasound scanning to get flat images of unborn babies in their mother’s wombs. With these images a trained sonographer can determine the baby’s sex and check for any abnormalities with the development of the fetus. These 2D ultra-sound scans can tell you a lot about the developmental stage of the fetus, however, it won’t reveal what your baby’s features are and what they look like. This is where 3D and 4D ultra-sound scanning comes in.

3D and 4D Ultrasounds:

3D and 4D ultrasound scans have been gaining popularity in recent years. These ultrasound scans take multiple images at varying angles to form a three-dimensional rendering of your unborn baby. While 3D ultrasounds are limited to still pictures, with 4D ultrasounds, you can see these images in movement within real time, just like a video. 4D ultrasounds allow you to see detailed features and movements, such as your baby blinking her eyes, sucking her thumb and kicking around. The best time to avail of a 3D or 4D Ultrasound is when your baby is around 24-34 weeks old. Babies under 24 weeks have less subcutaneous fat and won’t have the cute baby face with chubby cheeks at that point. The baby will still look bony and more skeletal-like. Some parents still enjoy seeing these early images, but to get beautiful and clear 3D and 4D images of the baby, it’s best to wait until later on in the pregnancy. Detailed facial features can be better seen once the baby is more developed and more movement can be captured. To get the best pictures the baby should be in a good position, and have sufficient amniotic fluid surrounding her.

Is it harmful to my baby?:

There is still no substantial evidence to suggest that undergoing 3D and 4D sounds is harmful to the baby. Studies that evaluate the safety of ultrasound technology have inconclusive results, and potential risks are still not clear. Currently, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say that there isn’t any reliable scientific evidence of ultrasound being harmful, but may find some new discoveries in the future. Doctors do agree however, that exposure to ultrasound should be limited.

Why should I get a 4D Ultrasound?:

Many parents feel very excited seeing the progress of their baby grow from very early stages. 4D ultrasound scanning takes the next step in anticipating your new bundle of joy. You won’t just be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat, you’ll be able to watch them move, kick, play with their umbilical cord, and point out which features your baby received from each parent. It’s an exciting and moving experience to really see your baby for the first time. Many parents feel overwhelmed having a chance to observe their baby even before she comes into this world. A lot of people enjoy taking home their 4D ultrasound footage as a souvenir and sharing it with their friends and family. When your baby grows up they will also get to enjoy seeing themselves develop from their very early stages. All in all, it’s a great memento to keep of a miraculous time that you can fondly look back on.